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Karangan ini berisi gambaran mengenai suatu hal/keadaan sehingga pembaca seolah-olah melihat, mendengar, atau merasakan hal tersebut.

Contoh deskripsi berisi fakta:

Hampir semua pelosok Mentawai indah. Di empat kecamatan masih terdapat hutan yang masih perawan. Hutan ini menyimpan ratusan jenis flora dan fauna. Hutan Mentawai juga menyimpan anggrek aneka jenis dan fauna yang hanya terdapat di Mentawai. Siamang kerdil, lutung Mentawai dan beruk Simakobu adalah contoh primata yang menarik untuk bahan penelitian dan objek wisata.
Contoh deskripsi berupa fiksi:

Salju tipis melapis rumput, putih berkilau diseling warna jingga; bayang matahari senja yang memantul. Angin awal musim dingin bertiup menggigilkan, mempermainkan daun-daun sisa musim gugur dan menderaikan bulu-bulu burung berwarna kuning kecoklatan yang sedang meloncat-loncat dari satu ranting ke ranting yang lain.
Topik yang tepat untuk deskripsi misalnya: Keindahan Bukit Kintamani, Suasana pelaksanaan, Promosi, Kompetensi Sisw…

credit card offers

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Online mastercard applications appear to be the in issue and Chase too offers on-line mastercard application facility. Here, ‘ credit cards’ refers to the chase credit cards which will be applied for on-line. Just for people who don’t understand, ‘Chase’ may be a complete that's owned  by JPMorgan Chase & Co. (a leading global financial services firm).

By ‘ mastercard offers’, I mean the mastercard offers that square measure accessible at Obviously, ‘ credit cards’ would be regulated by chase. Again, like the other mastercard provider, ‘ credit cards’ on supply would be dynamic  too.
Anyways; one night, before planning to bed, I thought of just checking the credit cards section.
Here is what I found:

There is a separate credit cards section. As I browsed through the credit cards section (the on-line application ones), the first one I encountered wa…

Eliminate credit card debt

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How to eliminate credit card debt? – A queries that's asked by variety of people round the globe. These ar the people UN agency somehow (mostly thanks to uncontrolled spending) landed into the mouth of this monster known as ‘Credit card debt’. So what ar the ways that to eliminate mastercard debt?

If you're wanting to eliminate mastercard debt, you've got already reached five hundredth of your goal as a result of your call to eliminate mastercard debt is that the 1st and also the most important step towards you having the ability to eliminate credit debt. Having aforesaid that, it's vital to say that you just additionally ought to be firm on this call and keep on with it with complete sincerity and seriousness, till you finally eliminate mastercard debt (and even when that).

To eliminate credit card debt, you need planning. This starts with analysis of current scenario in terms of your debt and your finances …

Credit card application

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Rejection of credit card application
As time progresses, a lot of and a lot of individuals square measure change of integrity the revolution referred to as ‘Credit card’. Yes, it’s really a revolution. Now you don’t got to worry regarding what proportion money you've got in your pocket once you buy groceries, simply carrying this little piece of plastic (credit card) is enough to assure you of a decent searching treat. You can use your mastercard to order things from the comfort of your home (on the internet). So the variety of mastercard applications looks to air the increase. However, not each mastercard application turns into a physical mastercard. Some credit card applications get rejected too.

Let’s check why a mastercard provider would reject a mastercard application once he has spent most time and energy (and money) on courting new customers.
One obvious reason for rejection of mastercard application is human error i…

Should I apply for a mastercard and how?

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Are you pensive on whether or not you must apply for a credit card? Well, the solution quite merely is – ‘Yes’ - you must apply for a mastercard (this is true for many people). The credit cards appear to own reworked our lives. In fact, one will term credit cards as a revolution. Today, you discover ads in TV/newspapers/website/shops and nearly anyplace and everywhere; all asking you to use for a mastercard. When you shop around, you see that the majority folks have credit cards. In fact, most people have multiple credit cards. Everyone seems to apply for a credit card. So, why do you have to apply for a credit card?

There square measure heaps of advantages related to credit cards; but, the foremost vital profit is that the convenience that they provide. For most folks, this is often the prime and also the sole reason that instigates them to use for a mastercard. This wouldn’t are the case many years agone, …

UK credit cards and balance transfers

UK credit cards and balance transfers
Credit cards ar pretty well-liked and in widespread use in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Credit cards ar accepted at the most outlets and alternative businessperson stores/outlets. As within the USA, UK credit cards too are on offer from various banks and financial institutions. Again, UK credit cards too offer a number of benefits which vary from one UK credit card to another (though there are a lot of common benefits too which are same across various UK credit cards).

Due to the fierce competition within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland mastercard market, various UK credit card suppliers offer attractive balance transfer schemes too. There ar some United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland credit cards that provide 1/3 balance transfer for nine months and there ar others that provide 1/3 for six months.

However, the catch here is that thes…

What is a Credit Card?

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Put simply, a mastercard is simply alittle piece of plastic that simply fits in your pocketbook. Well, it’s not ‘just a bit of plastic’; it’s a really powerful piece of plastic which might be thought to be a compressed variety of money. We can outline credit cards as a system that enables the buyer to borrow cash on the fly from a bank or a financial organization and use it to make payments to the merchants.

In order to get a mastercard, the consumer needs to fill-in an application form that is actually like an agreement between the credit card supplier and the credit card consumer. The mastercard provider approves the applying type and provides the buyer with alittle piece of plastic (i.e. the credit card). This plastic (or credit card) contains electronically encoded security data within the variety of a magnetic strip (which is mostly placed at the rear of the credit card).
This data is employed for authorising payments whe…